Early Blight :

It is a dangerous fungal disease that  affects plants of the Solanaceae family It is caused by the fungus Alternaria solani,  which is specialized in plants of this family,  including potatoes and tomatoes.

 Symptoms and damage:

Symptoms start on old papers first In the form of spots on the leaves of brown color with overlapping circles (a distinctive sign of Early Blight) leathery texture surrounded by a pale to yellow color the spots may appear in the form of a nail head, then expand and unite, and the leaves dry and fall.

 Life cycle:

The life cycle of mushrooms begins with the growth of conidia, which are transmitted from organic remains  and weeds from the solanaceous family to the healthy plant by growing a germ tube to the plant tissues And it takes some time to grow and form the germs that re-infect and spread  To all parts of a plant in a polycyclic life cycle, it is transmitted from a plantTo the other by wind, water and soil

 Prevention and control:
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