Late Blight

Late blight disease One of the most dangerous fungal  Diseases caused by a fungus (Phytophthora infestans) In the presence of the host, the fungus begins to grow and infect potatoes and tomatoes, causing great damage to the plant,

Symptoms and damage:

Symptoms begin in the form of brown spots on the edges and necks of the leaves, then develop and  include larger areas. In humid conditions, the preservatives appear in the form of white fluff that disappears when there is direct sunlight and low humidity.  The disease affects the leaves, stem of the plant and even the tubers. In the right conditions, the life cycle takes place within two to three days and spreads to long distances and large areas

Life Cycle:

The life cycle of the fungus begins with the growth  of a germ tube inside the plant tissues, and the  fungus grows on the surface in the form of aggregates through the openings of stomata, lentils and wounds. The presence of water and then germinate and restore the life cycle, but in conditions of low humidity and high temperature, the capsules do not divide and behave like conidia

Prevention and control:

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