About us


Magico Group Ltd. Co. was established since 1992 according to the Egyptian investment laws.

over years of growing &success, Magico group became a market leader for customers of the market segment in its products & service. In the last decade, Magico group focused agrochemicals for crop protection and improvement; mainly pesticides and manures production, export and import. Relying on our scientific R&D team, updated manufacturing technologies, accredited laboratories and our overseas partners Magico group has innovated high efficient products with competitive prices. Thus, our market expands to cover wide regions in Middle East, Asia and Africa. In association with our success partners in China, India and Germany, Magico group recently has launched a new branch deals with manufacturing industrial chemicals with special focus on oil and energy production chemicals. Magico group team believes that our agent’s satisfaction comes through working alongside to understand and fulfill our customers need(s) and to achieve quality through the provision of extra supportive features to our products.