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Magico Agricultural conducts all marketing and sales activities outside the Egypt .

The company currently operates in:

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    We are always willing to answer your questions and inquiries, or the possibility of distributing your products in Middle East and North Africa . We would be also very pleased to provide any required technical information for our products.



    Technical Support


    Magico Group actively supports our products and customers not only in our factories or storerooms but also in the field through our agronomists and field demonstration sites.

    Our agronomists have extensive training and expertise, so that they can help the farmers in Egypt make intelligent choices that lead to profitable farming. Our people continuously adapt our products and techniques to match changing agricultural practices. Magico Agricultural currently has 15 agronomists that provide technical support, identify specified problems and make recommendations to farmers across the Egypt . During their regular visits, the agronomists discuss any aspect related to crops with farmers. Their advice often leads to immediate solutions and in other cases to long-term applied research.

    Field Demonstration Sites
    Magico Agricultural has four locations in the different regions of Egypt to test and evaluate new products under various local environmental conditions. All products are subject to extensive research and development including: field testing for economic and agronomic value, safety, ease of handling, yield increase and environmental friendliness. Once proven in the field, new products are demonstrated to farmers in cooperation with extension agents and are introduced through grower meetings and Magico Agricultural publications such as production guides and newsletters.

    For further information contact Technical Services .

    Our Team

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