Trade Name   Clean Bit Power
  Common Name   Hydramethylnon 2%
  • Pack Shot

-Product type: insecticide
-Formula type: Gel type

-Target Pest: Cockroach


  1. As its active ingredient, Hydramethylnon, has feature of Domino Killing Effect, when treated roaches die at their harborage, the still remaining efficacy in dead body and excrement shows Domino Killing Effect due to the habitude that roaches feed on dead body and their excrement.
    2. It is very excellent product made of Hydramethylnon synthesized by KUKBO’s own technology.
    3. Sometimes, cockroaches having tolerance to insecticide is found, but its active ingredient, Hydramethylnon, shows wonderful insecticidal effect to even ones having tolerance.
    4. With added excellent attractant, it displays powerful attraction ability.
    5. Low toxicity to human and live stock-without any concern, it can be installed anywhere even around human, pet.
    6. For excellent attraction ability, efficient feed is added.
    7. Not hardening easily and lasts its efficacy for a long time.