Trade Name   Magico Oxam 56% TB
  Common Name   Aluminum Phosphide 56% TB



Aluminum phosphide products is a mixture of aluminium phosphide as active ingredient and ammonium carbamate as additive . it looks grayish green or yellowish green and smells garlic odour together with ammonia odour. The products are nonflammable but acted upon by atmospheric moisture to produce hydrogen phosphide which is highly toxic and flammable.


Aluminium phosphide is for the fumigation of stored grains, cereals, pulses, millet and propagation seeds, bulk stock feeds, milled products, de-oiled cakes, rice bran flour, suji meals and crushed grain, processed and packaged food stuffs, dry fruits, nuts, spices, oil seeds, tobacco, etc….. As a rodenticide, aluminium phosphide pellets are provided as a mixture with food for consumption by the rodents. The acid in the digestive system of the rodent reacts with the phosphide to generate the toxic phosphine gas. Other pesticides similar to aluminium phosphide are zinc phosphide and calcium phosphide.


Aluminium phosphide and its fumes are highly toxic. Read safety instructions before opening or using. Handle with care, avoid contact with pesticides. Wear full protective clothing like rubber gloves and respirators while handling. Do not eat, drink or smoke when handling. Do not inhale dust or gas, use detector strips before entering treated areas.